The Store at Megalong

  A delightful country experience for those who want to Escape the Mundane of everyday life.    
  The Store has lots of goodies to browse through -  sweets bar, boho bags, jewelery and scarves, lifestyle books, and a deli-full of cheeses, relishes, wines, ciders and more.    

Just grab a picnic basket - top up with your favorites and head for a sit and sip spot- far from the crowds.

The venue is huge so there's plenty of spots to choose from.  Relax and enjoy!

Sit by the lake and watch the sun go down or  add a camping spot and stay overnight or stay in the guesthouse. There's plenty of options for you to choose from.


Let your imagination run wild.

Get a group of friends and have a unique styled Breakfast with a Difference


Hopefully we will be fully trading in the new year of 2021 if no more COVID  restrictions are set in place.

Call us for your next unique country event - 02 47878188