Birds are the indicator of the health of our environment.   Their neverending chatter,  their swooping and gliding , their playful antics all communicate wit thus that all is well. What would the world be like if we keep on destroying their habitat.  They would be gone forever. The  eerie silence would be overbearing.   



Some of our birds are very quiet.  You cant hear them, but a flash of colour and they quickly disappear. You have to stand still in order not to disturb them.  They are illusive and it is a rare treat to be able to glimpse them, let alone photograph them.


But the most obvious birds are the noisy ones.  And we have plenty of them. The White Cockatoo for instance.  These birds are not endemic to the area.  They are birds from the far west who have found their local environment to their liking. 


Their  raucous  screeching and squawking   is  earsplitting   When up too 500 at a time congregate to feed on the seeds in the pastures it is  overwhelming  once they take flight. They seem to enjoy calling out at the top of their lungs with a shrill piercing cacophony 


The Black Cockatoo have a very distinctive call.  They usually take flight with a  hauntingly beautiful sound. The birds are amazingly beautiful. With their graceful sweeping of the wings in flight.   


The Kookaburras let us know that the sun has risen.  Their early morning chuckle typifies Australian Natural landscape


During the day the Magpies will often take up a loud musical calling known as carolling with  pairs of magpies calling to each other. Known as Australia’s most melodic bird their pitch may vary over up to four octaves.  This interesting  bird can mimic over 35 species of native and introduced bird species, as well as dogs and horses


The Currawongs never want to be outdone and they too join in the melee.  The Whipbird call echoes throughout the glens.  Their sharp loud call  resembles the cracking of a stock whip.


To hear the king of the bush the Lyrebird you have to venture deep into gullies. But it is worth the effort. A full repertoire will be heard during mating season.  mostly during winter. They will sing and dance and splay their tail feathers which are regarded as the finest in the world.


Australia has an enormous  range of melodious birds  and  the Megalong Valley allows you to enjoy their beautiful voices.


Come and discover them for yourself.


File:Superb Lyrebird mound dance.jpg


Get yourself wrapped up in nature.  Grab your camera and go exploring. 

Test your skill with the lens. Pack a chair, a snack and wander till you find a quiet spot.

The Kookaburras

The White Cockatoos

The Black Cockatoos

The Gang Gangs

The Galahs

The Whip Birds

The Magpies

The Noisy Friars

The Butcher Birds

The Bower Birds

The Lyre Birds

The Currawongs

The Willy Wagtails

The Herons

The Plovers

The Finches

The Swallows

The Apostle Birds

The Grebe Ducks

The Wood Ducks

The Powerful Owl

The Crows

The Eagles

Small and Sweet


 Large and Awesome



We ve  got them all