Our Old Horses

Over the past 20 years we have acquired quite a substantial number of horses.  One by one they eventually succumb to the inevitable  effect of old age.   

TINKERBELL.  25  years old and been with us since 1995. Her teeth have all worn down and she is now blind.  She slowly wanders around and still gets lot of attention from kids who bring her carrots and bread. No longer takes any riders around the property for the past 2 years.                    

CRICKET. Aged 26.bought by us around 1994.  This lovely old man still takes children on rides. His quiet temperament is perfect for timid riders.                    

MOOSE.  Our oldest draughthorse.  He has ' Alzheimer's' ...he forgets whether he is coming or going! Moose slowly chews his feed and his eyes roll  in delight. Moose stop giving rides years ago,   he is such  a slow gentle giant of a horse. Toddlers can pat Moose and can get their photos taken.            

SHIRAZ.  Aged over  25.  Bought around 2000 she was ridden by our stockman host  Jack Edwards up till his death.  She was respectfully retired  and is used occasionally to keep her muscles in tone.                  

WAITING FOR BREAKFAST.    Just like clockwork the old gang waits for their early morning tucker.

Cricket is peeking behind the bush, Tinkerbell and Moose having a play, Smokey warning Tom not to get too close,

Clancy watching in awe and  Shiraz  is just snoozin.


Sadly missing the morning ritual is Jellybean, Darkie, Billy and Honey.

CLANCY.  Was bought during the drought  of 2007 from Camden Sales Yard.
SOCKS.  Dec 2012. An oldie but a goldie!              

DANDY. Dandy was bought from Australia's Wonderland when it closed along with his stablemate Sue the performing horse.



PK & ALICE.  These two were inseparable. But Alice got stomach cancer early this year and died.

Riding Horses in Top Paddock Dec 2012

SPANNER AND BENJI at Shanedoah . with our herd of cross breds looking on





Muster to the yards - Minty and Huey are always the ones who want to stay out!  The paddocks at Shanendoah are really showing the effects of the drought during the  December of 2012. Minty and Huey have been with us since the mid 1990's and know every inch of the property to hide out in.

Mabel joined us in 2006.  She was purchased along with many, many others during the dramatic drought which saw a lot of good horses go to the knackery. 

We rescued so many.  Mabel is a most wonderful stockhorse and is now getting on in years.



She gave an  exceptionable performance during the filming of a race down the mountain against a Porsche for the TV series Top Gear.




Duchess is lovely large horse who has a gentle disposition.