Welcome to  Shanendoah Ranch!

We now specialize in endurance and eventing horses. 

The property consists of  1500 acres of extreme terrain and is perfect for conditioning and

training  horses with kilometers of bush tracks.   Currently Paddock No 1 (shared) is ready.


Plenty of flat  runs and hilly terrain to get your horse into tip top condition. 

Trails  radiate from holding yard up to Billy Healy Head; over to Kanimbla Valley;

and to Megalong Farm Centre.

Large holding yard along with onsite van for shelter for lunch etc.

Customers can also lease our horses for friends riding  on a per day basis.


Call 47878188 for further information




Terms & Conditions


The following guidelines are intended to familiarise agisters with the policies that apply on Shanendoah Ranch. Please feel free to speak to us at anytime about any information or your concerns. We always welcome new suggestions and ideas.


Notes for arrival

• Please organise your arrival to coincide with normal office hours, or else make arrangements with the office prior to your arrival.

• Office hours are  Wednesday to  Sunday  8:30am – 5.00pm.

• Before your horse goes into a paddock it must be drenched prior to arrival.

• Agistment is payable one month in advance. Please organise to pay your first months agistment on or before your arrival.

• Please allow adequate time to familiarise your horse with any new paddock 

Departure & charges in agistment

• Please provide one months notice of your departure from Shanendoah Ranch. Agistment will be charged for a minimum of one month after this notice is received. You must submit  a ‘Notice of Departure’  as your written notice. Verbal notice will not be accepted.

• Horses are not to be moved to yards and other paddocks without prior approval through the office.

• If horses are to be moved off the property for a short time please notify us to save unnecessary concern on our part when stock and paddock checks are undertaken. Payment for agistment is required during absence or you will forfeit your place.



Contact Information and details

• Please supply identification details including a side-on photograph of your horse/s and a veterinarian preference; prior to commencement of agistment.

• Ensure that we have your current address and telephone numbers so that you may be contacted in case of an emergency. If we cannot contact you and veterinary attention is necessary, where possible the veterinarian of your choice will be contacted.



• Agistment accounts are payable one month in advance.

• Standard monthly agistment charges can be paid directly to  Shanendoah Ranch by direct credit

• Extras are a charged on a monthly basis and must be paid by the end of the calendar month before new services will be conducted.


Property Access

Please close gates securely when riding or driving through them. PLEASE LEAVE GATES AS YOU FIND THEM. If you are the last person leaving the property please close both front gates

upon leaving.

• Riding on Shanedoah Ranch apart from exceptional cases (prior arrangement) is restricted to current agisters and leasee’s only



Blast from the Past ...RDA Ride




Horse Rental

If you have a horse that won't travel or wish to ride with your agisting friend,  our horse rental option maybe for you?
  • It is only for experienced riders only we DO NOT cater for novice, nervous riders or children under 15.
  • All riders must have appropriate footwear and approved head ware and  own insurance
  • Riders must be under 100kg and no taller than 6ft 3.
  • The renter treats the horse as their own 

It is only for experienced riders and no tuition is provided, riders will undergo an  assessment which includes;

  • bringing the horse in from the paddock
  • grooming
  • tacking up
  • mounting
  • riding through walk, trot, canter, halt and dismount

Tack is provided and the horse is insured, but riders will need their own personal insurance for injury  and also insurance for any damage / loss of tack.

Horse rental is charged at $145.00 per half day (3hours).   full day hire $195 for 6 hours

Any damage / loss of tack is charged at cost extra. A deposit of $200 is required which is re paid at the end of the rental period subject to everything being returned as supplied.

Monday – Friday, Weekends/Public /School Holidays:

Horse Hire:  $45 per hour

2 hours.  $90pp   -   9.00am, 11am & 2pm

3 hours   $145     -  9.00am , 1pm

4 hours  $160pp  -   9.00am & 1pm

6 hours   $195pp  -  9.00am