Escape the crowds at Megalong - tucked among the gums.

Explore nearby walking tracks and enjoy the tranquility of this isolated valley.

Sleeping out in the bush is a very special experience at Megalong Farm.

 there are public camping spots available  for BYO setups and other areas

  have been converted into a private GlampCamp plus  we have a number of sites with our wilderness adventure tents - fully kitted out!




Enjoy Camping with a Difference in the Blue Mountains

  Watch the sunset
  A campsite with amazing views
  Enjoy the sunrise

Sit by the warm embers

of a country campfire


  Connect with Nature.

Discover the benefits of revitalizing your mind   


Set just the right distance from everything in the wilderness,

you can campout with the Farm's amenities within easy reach. 


  Everyone loves a good book
  Even the kookaburras come to have a look!

Come and enjoy our unique Country Camping  Experience.  

Campsite: $25pp 

Budget Camping or Luxury Glamping

We've got it all..

Google view to locate the camping area

You Tube Drone View

An old video from 12 years ago!

View Larger Map  in Google

                 Plan of layout

Top Paddocks 


Images following is from our Uber packed sites on Freedom Weekend Oct 2021!

Main Paddock on Freedom Weekend

Motor homes, and campers have plenty of space for your group.


Note: There is 50 acres of bush wilderness and this is not a structured caravan park.

After  experiencing  months of rain  tolerance is appreciated with  our roads and paddocks.

The ground is waterlogged and  we request that you keep to the tracks

and keep vehicles off the paddocks to avoid being bogged.

Please advise us of your camping setup..

Print out our Terms and Conditions

 We specialize in eco therapy of Healing and Meditation in Nature.


This information should be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions on our website.


Costs per person per night: $25.00





Campers will be admitted to the venue's campgrounds between 8:00am-5.30 pm.

Any other time by negotiation.


General information about our camping:


Campsites are not powered. Electricity is provided in amenities blocks

We allocate spots and have certain rules to try to give everybody a nice and memorable holiday.


The GlampCamp lounge and kitchen infrastructure is out of bounds

Your site will be allocated, you will either be taken to the spot or given instructions where to go. Please don't move to a different site! If there is a problem come back to us to discuss it. If you move yourselves you will be asked to relocate back.

We book by "camp sites", but we also need to know how many adults, kids, tents, caravans, camper trailers, cars etc you have and we will pick a suitable area to fit your group.


You can access all sites by standard 2WD car.


Please donít arrive outside of the camp ground operating times as we will not  have staff available to admit you into the venues campgrounds during those hours. Alternate times by arrangement only.


All private vehicles entering the venue campgrounds areas MUST respect the protocol for gates. If open leave open, if closed keep closed.


If you want to camp alongside friends you must arrive at the same time or let us know of their arrival


Campervans and Caravans

Caravans, camper trailers and campervans  of all  lengths are OK but we need to nominate specialized spots, Anyone intending to bring motor-homes  or caravans larger than this will need to check with us first via  text on 0476 500 007


       Showers and Toilets

Showers will be available at the campsite for patron use.

They are located in the middle of the campsite so they can be accessed easily throughout the holiday period..

Please plan your shower trips as there may be queues and hot water may be limited at times.

You are required to bring your own soaps and toiletries to the campsite.

Showers and toilets will be open 24hrs except for when they need to be serviced and cleaned.

We would appreciate if you notify us  by text if toilets needs attending to.

Toilets are located next to the showers so they can be accessed easily, plus toilets are available at the main admin area at the front of the Centre;

Please be considerate to others when using these - please don't litter o throw onto floor, dont use the basins for washing up, dont stand on the toilet seats - your fellow campers will appreciate your kindness.



Please respect the site and your fellow campers. Any unruly behaviour will not be tolerated and  WILL  result in your removal from the site.

No noise permitted in the campground between 10pm  and 8am. This is a designated quiet period for the benefit of both local residents and campers.

We have designated quiet zones for meditation, so please avoid these areas.


     Generators and Power

Generators are not permitted within the campgrounds during quiet hours when others are trying to enjoy the peace and quiet. There is electricity in the amenities blocks




We have minimal waste disposal facilities now  -    there are some small bins located at front entry


Please try to minimize plastics to help our environment






Do not engage in excessive alcohol consumption within the campground.

Please be aware of this policy and show respect to other patrons. The quiet and order of the campground and its neighborhood is to be maintained.

No parties will be allowed in the camping area, that will affect other patrons.

Breach of this condition WILL result in eviction without refund. After all, everyone needs a good nightís sleep, so all that everyone enjoys the quiet of the wilderness.




Open fires are permitted. We have fire pits designated on site but please ensure safety. with children around.

Firewood is available at reception.

We allow gas burners for cooking and gas bbq's.

Please refrain from throwing bottles into fires.



The whole venue is a GLASS FREE ZONE, so please bring no glasses use not bring glass into the camping area. Broken glass and animals do not mix, consider your fellow campers feet especially children in their bare feet.



Animals are permitted on the camping grounds, but they MUST be kept on a lead

Please do not bring in dogs that have a tendency to bark.

This is a quiet zone




Please respect our neighbors, local residents and the local environment.

The area is renown for its quiet and peaceful setting so please make the most of the serenity


The neighboring nature reserve and forested blocks on site are sensitive environments that are perfect for riding of bikes and taking your dog for a walk.


Donít drop cigarette butts on the ground. BIN IT! Help keep your campground litter free


Most Importantly Relax, Chill out, and Enjoy your Stay!!!


 Date of issue: 1st April 2022