Planning to spend some time with us?


We would like to take a moment to welcome you to some of the delights at our unique property here in the Megalong Valley.


While you are here please feel free to sleep in and relax or get up early and watch the mist rise from the valley revealing grazing kangaroos  Don’t forget to bring your camera. 


We like our guests to experience what makes our ranch in the Blue Mountains such a great wilderness experience.


There are cool leafy willow tress to sit under and watch the world go by. The horses come in for their breakfast around 7.30 each morning.


If there is any further information that you need our staff members will be glad to help.





Early risers may take a walk to the top paddocks to watch the kangaroos grazing –

don’t forget your camera



7.30am staff open up the kitchen and coffee’s on!

This is when the old farmyard horses start to amble

down to get their breakfast.

These horses are quite aged .. and very set in their ways. 

 A slow amble is their top speed.


On the weekends the horses bought over from Shanendoah Ranch

are mustered into the saddling yards.


Shanendoah Ranch is where all the riding horses are kept on 1500 acres

and is located at the southern end of the property and extends

as far as the Kanimbla Valley. 



at  8.00am and breakfast is ready.

Feel free to sit on the verandah and watch the activities.


At 9.00am and the first ride should be ready.

The ride to the Cox’s River leaves around this time.


10,00am and the two hour ridge ride

leaves to go up to see the cliffs


At  12 noon for those on the ride having the lunch, you arrive back just in time for a

delicious BBQ sampler cooked on the Outback char grill.



What happens in the afternoon

Don't forget to allow enough time to relax and read a book.

We are all about enjoying the quiet environment just right

for those escaping the hustle and bustle of the city.



At 1.00pm the afternoon riders start to mount up. 

The two hour ride which travels along the ridge is great for a glimpse of the

magnificent cliffs of the Blue Mountains escarpments



There are other rides leaving depending on the scheduling demand for the day.


Around 3pm and its time to put the animals away.


This takes some time.

The geese usually wander every way but not heading home.

Its hard to get them away from their water.


The old horses are feed their hay. 

The sun sets in the west and the smokey haze of the winter fires settles in the valley.


It is getting dark by 5.00pm in winter.

Time for an glass of wine by the warm embers of the fires.


Fancy doing some walking?


Walking in the Megalong Valley.


Our property is very large. In fact it extends around 15 klms over to the Kanimbla Valley. The ridge at the rear of the property has view of Megalong Head and is parallel to the promontory called Narrow Neck Peninsular.


The Six Foot Track can be accessed from the road and is ideal to walk a section of this historic track.  It is the first tourist project undertaken in NSW. Back in 1883 the government spent  ₤2400 to encourage people to see the Jenolan caves.. the track starts at the Explorers Tree and covers 42 klms.


The total walk takes around 3 days but you still can enjoy the experience and walk to the swinging suspension bridge.


Coachwood Glen is a 400 metre rainforest walk. If you are lucky you will see a lyrebird scratching away at the litter on the floor. Lyrebirds area rare treat. A spectacular bird with an amazing array of vocals  with an ability to mimic natural and artificial sounds from their environment. Lyrebirds have extraordinary plumes of tailfeathers.



Or simply watch the world pass by with one of our relaxing picnics .

For Camera Buffs there is no shortage of intriguing subjects.