The Serenity of the Mountains


You’re now ready get away and de-stress for a short while.

To drop out. To have your own space. To rediscover yourself.

Our wilderness retreat is just that. A retreat into the pristine wilderness.

In our busy world there is nothing like getting back to nature. Experiencing the pleasure of simple things that is missing in our daily life . Like the peace and quiet.

Walk amongst the ancients

Hear the music of native birds.

Be inspired under a canopy of stars.

Inhale the delight that comes with seeing a rare and elusive lyrebird

Its important to us that you get the most out of your stay in the magnificent Blue Mountains of Australia. It’s wild with nature


Take time to breathe in the Serenity of the Mountains.

Too often we all forget to schedule in nothing.

To set aside some time to just do nothing.

Put away the phone; Put away the tablet; Turn off the internet;

Its time to get out the camera.

Capture some of the simple essences of life.

The dew on the leaf. The mist lying low in the valley.

The shedding bark of the tree. The snoozing dog. Take it in and reflect.


It’s all about you

  The Bush. Its unpretentious. It’s a place where you are yourself. Where you enjoy the stillness and quite. Where you can breathe deep. Where you can watch the sun go down and wait for the timid animals come forth from the canopy of leaves.

This is a unique concept for experiencing the wilderness in the Blue Mountains. It is an ancient land which invoke visions from the past. imposing and magnificent.

Our retreat compliments the pure essence of nature in balance.

This is a special place where you become absorbed in its entirety and discover its complexity.

  Come and spend some time with us. We would like to take a moment to welcome you to our unique property here in the Megalong Valley.

While you are here please feel free to sleep in and relax; or get up early and watch the mist rise from the valley revealing grazing kangaroos Don’t forget to bring your camera.

We like our guests to experience what makes our venue in the Blue Mountains such a great wilderness experience.

There are cool leafy willow tress to sit under and watch the world go by. The horses come in for their breakfast around 7.30 each morning. Its relaxing to watch all the animals.


All beds have an electric blanket fitted, and the oilfilled heater keeps the rooms nice and cosy. There is a guest lounge down the hallway and a small kitchenette for your convenience with a fridge, tea/coffee making facilities, plus a microwave and toaster for snacks.

There is an Pizza Oven where you can cook up a storm

In the lounge room there is an IPOD4 charger in the sound system.

There is a good variety of books to curl up with. Of course there is TV for those addicted, but it only receives Austar.

There is an outside fireplace to sit and relax around.

If there is any further information that you need our staff members will be glad to help.

OFFICE HOURS: 8.00am to 5.00pm CHECK IN TIME 2.00pm to 5.00pm

CHECK OUT TIME 11am but let us know if you need the room a little longer for a shower.


Bring along your sense of adventure. Some warm clothes would be handy!


WHAT HAPPENS In the morning.

Early risers should take a walk to the top paddocks to watch the kangaroos grazing – don’t forget your camera! There always is something to catch your eye.

7.30 The old farmyard horses start to amble down to get their breakfast. These horses are quite aged .. and very set in their ways, but they know where they are headed!

8.00 Staff open up the kitchen and coffee’s on. Breakfast is ready. Feel free to sit on the verandah and watch the activities.

On the weekends the horses bought over from Shanendoah Ranch are mustered into the saddling yards. Shanendoah Ranch is located at the southern end of the property and extends as far as the Kanimbla Valley. This is where all the riding horses are kept on 1500 acres.

9.00 The first ride should be ready. The ride to the Cox’s River leaves around this time.

10. 00 The two hour ridge ride leaves.

12 noon For those having the lunch, you arrive back just in time for a delicious BBQ sampler cooked on the char grill.

 In the afternoon

1.00 The afternoon rides start to mount up. The two hour ride travels along the ridge for a glimpse of the magnificent cliffs.

There are other rides leaving depending on the scheduling demand for the day.

Around 3pm and its time to put the animals away.

This takes some time. The geese usually wander every way but heading home. The old horses are feed their hay. In winter the fires are lit.  It is dark around 5.00pm in winter.



Take a walk. We have plenty to stir up your imagination. Ranging from one hour through to a full day. Check at the Office for maps and walking needs.


It is an ancient land which invoke visions from the past. Its culture, its people, its nature. Geographically this valley has been encapsulated within a time bubble.

Ponder on the Past.

Now its time to get in tune with nature. Now its time to take a walk and discover where those that came before you. It is an ancient land which invokes visions from the past.

The indigenous people who have been on this land for 50,000 years walked on the same land that you now stand upon.

This valley was much as it is today. The cliffs would have looked the same . The Valley floor would have looked the same.

The Sydney Basin went inland. Back then the seas was much higher and lapped at the shores at Lithgow! There were vast swamps and lush trees. These fell into marshes. They compressed and became coal and shale

The dinosaurs died out millions of years before man had arrived.

The Megalong Valley as it was.  From the beginning of its time.  Before us.

  The GREAT ESCARPMENT of the Blue Mountains.

The Great Mountain  Escarpment of the Blue Mountains was formed 300 million years ago.  It is thousands of kilometres long and nearly a kilometre high. The weather changes dramatically at the escarpment. Much of the humid maritime air cannot climb over it.

Early compilations of satellite images of cloud showed that, in summer, cloud blankets the area east of the escarpment, while the area inland from it is cloud-free. This is perhaps the most striking cloud boundary in the world.

When the rivers of Australia were first cutting their present valleys, Australia extended hundreds of kilometres further east than it does now. Rivers flowed  east and west of the "great divide" .  80 million years ago, a large slice of continent broke off, drifted away and sank. Rivers flowing east became much steeper, and cut down and cut back into the land, forming the escarpment. Many developed waterfalls that still exist, above which their valley are hardly any steeper than in rivers flowing west.

The trees would have been much taller. The mammals were much larger. There were huge diprodons- wombats the size of cattle. Kangaroos the size of small horse. Everything was much larger then.

The deep freeze changed their world. The animals feed froze. They got smaller. The trees shrank. They got smaller. As did the aboriginals. Less feed. They too became smaller.

The dry conditions of massive droughts mean food and water shortages. They adapted when the end of ice age came about.


Come and learn more about this intriguing  landscape.

We have interpretive walks that allows you to become engaged with nature and culture. You can discover them all while enjoying a walk that is more about ‘rest and relaxation’ than ‘rough and ready’.


                                         WALK AMONGST THE ANCIENTS.... Discover the flora and fauna

                                                                                                       Its wild with nature!