Paintings of the Megalong

  Over the years there has been many famous and talented artists create works of art capturing the awesome landscape of the Megalong. Valley.  
Disused Sheds - Megalong Valley Artist: Grahame Gercken

'The Old Gum, Megalong Valley NSW' Artist: Grahame Gercken

The Old Shed - Megalong Valley . Artist: Grahame Gercken

Megalong Valley Hills


Dixon Copes (1914 - )



Escarpment, Megalong Valley by Brian Baigent

Hollingdales Farm Megalong Valley - Artist John Wilson


Afternoon Light, Megalong Valley . Artist John Wilson
Sunset at Sugarloaf, Megalong Valley, NSW
Afternoon Light, Cox's River  Artist John Wilson

Windy Afternoon, Megalong Valley

Ďn the Megalong Hills


"The Sweeping Megalong Valley", 11 x 102 cm, Ken Knight

'The Magnificent Blue Mountains, View of the Megalong Valley Near Katoomba' Artist: Kevin Boucher

Mountain Pastoral, Megalong

Peach Tree Road Megalong

Saatchi Art Artist John Johansen; Painting, “Megalong Valley from Mammoth Rock”

'Megalong Valley Homestead.' Artist John Bradley


Megalong Mountain Retreat by Colin Hadfield

Traps Hut-Little rRver-Megalong  Artist: John Wilson

Collin's Cows Megalong Valley



Laszlo (Les) Lukacs - List All Works

Australian Art Sales Digest
Ballymore Farm, Megalong Valley


Megalong Creek Moonrise a 1000 piece jigsaw

Megalong Valley Morning Light

Track over the Megalong Valley