Blue Mountains Horse Riding Adventures 

2000 Awesome Acres!


The Explorer Trail Rides..

 the best horse riding trails found in Australia!

The property is simply awesome and its huge - its over 2000 stunning acres. So take a ride of unparalleled beauty and scenic panorama through to an area of wilderness with an experienced guide.

NB All products sold are subject to our Terms and Conditions.


The Wilderness  Riding Tour   $60 - one hour

This ride is a true wilderness experience. You go past the pioneers bush set in the pastures and then along into the pristine forest area with its extensive views of those awesome cliffs of the Blue Mountains escarpments. Along the way  there's the chance to see our family of kangaroos. This ride lets you enjoy what makes the Blue Mountains so special, its stunning scenery and lots of fresh air. Horses for all levels of your riding skill.

MORNING RIDE TIMES: 9am 10am 11 am



Please arrive 30 minutes prior - all riding times are strictly adhered to as the horses will be leaving the yards at the timeslot. Your ride leave at the allocated time and returns at the allocated time, so the next riders are not inconvenienced.

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After your ride, don't rush about .....

Savour the moment. Sit back and relax

Enjoy any of our Food and Wine Options or

try our great Cider Sampler range.


Wine & Cheese Tasting Platter $30pp

Tempt the palate with a great selection of fruits, cheeses, breads

and meats, together with 3 great wines to match and explore the

 taste buds. Very different  and a  special  treat just for two!


The Cider Sampler  $30 pp

Enjoy your escape in the country with a sampler of ciders perfectly matched with a selection of regional cheeses in a sensational platter.  Sit back, relax and take in the serenity.  Cider is low in alcohol, so you can enjoy your visit to our unique venue.


End your awesome ride with the  Ultimate Country Picnic 

A private table is set up for your ultimate country getaway experience. Wine, beverages, a picnic box with 3 meats, salads, olives and cheese, plus a delicious fruit platter box.


$250 for two - a great escape



 Enjoy a Ploughmans Tasting Platter

Selection of  meats, fruits, cheeses and breads 

$19.00 per person/ $50 for a Family Platter (4 pax)

Sit and Sip...savour the moment - enjoy a Cheese Platter.

Relax a while and enjoy the quiet in one of our sit&sip settings.

A wonderful array of tasting sensations for you to combine with a great selection of regional craft beers, cider, wines or sodas.

Cheese Platter  $15pp

Wines $9.50 glass  $24.00 bottle

Craft  Beers & Ciders from $8.00 bottle

Juice & Cordials  from $8.00 bottle


 The Drover's Lunch  $25 pp


Add something extra to end your ride with a Chargrill  BBQ lunch. 

Sit back and relax.  Its what you do in the fresh air of the Country. Delicious BBQ  with chargrill meats, crisp salad and fresh baked

crusty bread.


Birthday Celebrations



Celebrate in style in one of our sit and sip corners.



The  Explorer Riding Tour  $90   - 1.5 hours


Enjoy   Mountain riding at its best.    Across the pastures, then along  the ridges with close up views of the magnificent cliffs,  and down into the wilderness areas along the boundary.


Please arrive 30 minutes prior - all riding times are strictly adhered to as the horses will be leaving the yards at the timeslot. Your ride leave at the allocated time and returns at the allocated time, so the next riders are not inconvenienced.

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  The Ridge Riding Tour $120  - 2 hours - It's mountain riding at its best

Enjoy  scenic riding through pastures, along an escarpment ridge with

close up views of the magnificent cliffs, then ride into the wilderness area,

down to the historic shearing shed.

 Morning ride departs 10.00 am   Afternoon  ride depart 1.00 pm

















Valley View  with lunch  $150

Exhilarating  ride with  delicious lunch included. A unique ride with spectacular views from the ridges down into the lush valley and lunch

at the drover's campsite.

Morning ride departs 10.00 am  

Lunch 12 noon    

Afternoon  rides depart 1.00 pm 


Please arrive 30 minutes prior - all riding times are strictly adhered to as the horses will be leaving the yards at the timeslot. Your ride leave at the allocated time and returns at the allocated time, so the next riders are not inconvenienced.



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The Cox's Canyon Lookout Ride $165

Rediscover the legendary boundary rides from yesteryear

This 3 hour ride goes across through the wilderness of the bush, past the

historic shearing shed then over to the bluff with awesome views over the deep gorges of the Cox's River.  

The horses are selected to suit your level of riding skill  to ensure you enjoy this great ride.

Ride plus lunch  $190 


Our most popular ride with three hours of great riding


You can also stay overnight with this ride - check it out


The views of the canyons of the Cox's River is simply awesome.

Morning ride departs 8.30 am 


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The Cox's River Ride $225 

Designed specifically for the riding enthusiast

A great ride across the paddocks and through wilderness then over

to one of the most beautiful rivers in Australia. 4 hours of  awesome riding   

Weekends only at 8.30am  or by arrangement


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This ride requires the rider to be suitably skilled in the saddle for the distance.


Cox's  River Cattle Rides

Experience the exhilaration of a cattle ride along ridges and deep gullies.


Ride ambles across the plains down to the awesome Cox's River for lunch,

then its off to get photographs of the wild, wild cattle of the Blue Mountains.  

$295 per person  (min numbers apply)

Why not stay overnight at the Ranch  ....

$470  including cattle ride, lunch, dinner and breakfast

 After a bucket list experience of a lifetime, the ride finishes 

in the afternoon for a refreshing, well earned drink at the ranch.



Escorted Trail Ride Prices  are effective 1st  June 2018



Please refer to Booking Terms and Conditions

Please arrive 30 minutes prior - all riding times are strictly adhered to as the horses will be leaving the yards at the timeslot.  Your ride leave at the allocated time and returns at the allocated time, so the next riders are not inconvenienced.

  • There is a weight limit of 100kg

  • Riders must wear a helmet. Helmets will be provided.

  • It is recommended riders wear suitable covered footwear.  Joggers, sandshoes are ok.

  • Thongs and similar footwear are not safe when riding

    Long pants for your legs is essential Riders must not be under the influence of any drugs No alcohol is permitted while riding Please bring along sunscreen and insect repellent for your outdoor comfort.

  • All participants will be required to read the riding instructions prior to riding and sign a disclaimer form. The form includes but is not limited to,  that the participant has read and understood the  riding instructions and aware of their obligations and participates at their own risk. All participants under the age of 18  must  have the parent or guardian must sign the forms.

  • Once your have booked your riding experience then it is a binding agreement. 

  • Failure to show up will incur a full 100% charge.

  • Busy times such as school holidays means there is extra time taken to get the right horses for the riders. We do not know the correct match that is required until the riders actually arrive.

  • So inevitably the will be delays. We thank you for your understanding and patience.



  • Cancellation Policy  

    As horse riding involves a lot of preparation, we do adhere to a strict cancellation policy.

    Activities will normally operate in all, but exceptional weather conditions  and  proceed where possible, in most weather conditions, with the exception of heavy rain, hail,  lightning and extreme heat.

    Conditions such as fog, mist, drizzle, light showers and light windy conditions do not affect normal operation of our activities.

    We carry wet weather coats for riding in light showers or light drizzle.

  • Management will monitor the weather conditions and advise if cancellations will be implemented.   

  • If you cancel within 24 hours, a cancellation penalty is charged.

  • In the case of exceptional inclement weather conditions such as heavy rain, hail,  lightning and extreme heat. you may reschedule or cancel at no penalty.

  • (Inclement weather is defined as storms or torrential rain or storm that prevents activities from taking place)

    Please use commonsense when ordering an outdoor based activity.  Failure to show up will incur a full 100% charge.

    No refunds or transfers are given to those who choose not to participate because of  pending inclement weather bureau forecasts which are deemed to be unreasonable.  (The weather conditions in Sydney can be substantially different to Megalong Valley which is 100klm further inland and a well protected valley)


  • A booking/holding deposit of $10 by credit card will be required  at the time of booking.

  • Credit card for payment will be drawn down upon in the case of no show or cancellation without adequate notice.  Early notice is deemed to be at least 3 days, otherwise a fee for cancelling the experience will apply.

    A cancellation number will give provided at time of cancellation or transfer  

    Full payment can be made upon arrival either by card or cash or debit.

    If we cancel the activity we will transfer your booking to another date, if another date is not possible, we will refund your money in full.


Plan Your Ride - Select the Day and Time

“But first ...can I go?”

Larger riders restrictions - For animal comfort and riders safety reasons,  we enforce a rider weight limit of 100kgs as we need to have the equipment and horses to meet your needs.  Please be advised that this limit may also  be subject to variation on a daily basis according to the availability of a suitable horse.

Our ability to take guests who are between 95 and 105 kilos on rides longer than an hour are subject to  strict conditions and availability of appropriate horses to ensure the safety of our guests and horses.

Fit the criteria?  okay,  then lets get you on your way to enjoying a great horse riding experience.

Make an enquiry.. Enquiries

 Lock in the ride :

Give us a call  Phone (02) 4787 8188

Or send us a text  0408 649 235


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Pony Rides

Prices effective 1st  July 2015  refer to Booking Terms and Conditions

A Children's Pony Ride is great fun.  There is a range of very sedate horses and ponies to choose for a slow gentle walk for the  children to enjoy. 

A self led short trip for the young rider.

Children aged between 2 and 10 years of age can take a short ride around the pond. The children on the pony  are led by the parents and we provide the helmets. 



                         $20  pp for 10 minutes of riding



                    (Parents are required to lead the Pony )


 Party  Barn Themed Pony Parties

We can have themed parties to make this a really exciting event.

  with a My Little Pony  or  Western Theme.


Damper & Billy Tea  * (suspended at the moment)



Enjoy Damper & Billy Tea at the open campsite fire at the end of your ride. 

Truly one of the delicious quirky delights of the Australian lifestyle.




 The Fun of the Outback  - its great for groups!*

Two hour horseride around the property.
Drover's Aussie BBQ and damper

Learn how to crack the stock whip and "swing the billy" 


* Not available till further notice