A Country Wedding  at Megalong Valley Farm

Your ceremony can be in either of the two gazebos or at a rustic bush timber gazebo, or at one of our non traditional Altars for your outdoor wedding.

Its a short walk for the guests to the Alfresco Area for pre-dinner drinks. 

The Carriage Function Hall or Woolshed is the location for a country style buffet banquet.


We now only provide the venue and the costs are calculated on a dry hire base rate. The cost for venue hire  includes the use of the carriage hall, the kitchen, bump in and bump out.

 All meals are served at buffet by catering staff.  Table decoration and seating requirements to be determined at the time of booking either hire from us or bring your own.

Hire Price does not include napery

If extra set up is required, additional charges will apply.


We have a number of caterers for our venue and are happy to provide them along with their references.

The caterers menu  usually are very flexible and can be tailored to your needs. We always suggest for three options in menu charges to cater to your budget.

Prior to the function date  all accounts are to be paid for in full and

any extras of the account is to be settled at the conclusion of the function.


As a general guide, the average charge for caterers is 60% or children under 14 yrs,  with 30% for children 5-8yrs.

Meals for photographers and musicians are  charged at halfprice


As a guide, it is suggested that an allowance of $20 - $45 per head be budgeted for wine, beer and spirits.


Carriage Hall    Minimum 60 persons  Maximum 120 persons

Cider Barn       Minimum 40   Maximum 80 persons



Bride and attendants are taken an area to wait for either the cars, tractor train or the celebrant to arrive.

If ceremony is to be held at Gazebo then guests will walk the short distance to the gazebo. Elderly folks can be transported by cars, and guests are requested to park their cars at the top paddock.

After the ceremony bride and groom and attendants proceed on to the area chosen for shots by the photographer.

Guests are advised they can stay to witness the photographs or to make their way down to reception area where they are served appetizers and sherry or punch, champagne/orange.

Once the photographs are finished then the guests are asked to move to in front of the building where the bridge and groom  to allow for everyone to get a chance for a photograph.  Once the photographer has finished the photo shots the guests are asked to come inside and be seated

The MC will have a floor plan and advise of seating arrangements or if the seating plan is informal, then guests are advised to mingle.

The bridal party will then enter  and proceed up to the bridal table, which is set up on the stage if in the main hall.

Once preliminary introductions have been made the MC will inform the guests that the following schedule will take place...



The menu provided by the caters covers a wide range and caters for most palates including a good variety for vegetarians. Children’s menu is the same as the adults but the cost is 60%    The venue is ideal for  buffet style or cocktails. 

Alternatively, first course is Hors d'œuvres, which can be served to guests in the alfresco area under the willows.

Soup & damper can be served out of the large cast iron camp oven into rustic steel cups

Straight after everyone has had their entrees  you are encouraged to  commencing the dancing so that everyone gets a chance to say “Hi” to each other.

When everyone has got acquainted and built up an appetite from dancing then its time that a   bush feast begins.


The Bride and Groom have the option of either being served at the table or for them taking the lead to the Buffet.

The above format has been adopted by the venue with  years of practical experience as it allows the full use of the band for their contracted period, and allows everyone to start enjoying the wedding function straight away and it allows the staff to clean up the soup and prep for dinner


Perhaps you choose from the traditional which may include the following:

  • Roast Chicken and Roasted beef accompanied  by rich brown gravy

  • OR a spit roast served on platters

  • Baby potatoes rolled in country butter sauce,

  • Fresh green beans,

  • White cabbage salad Romaine tomatoes,

  • Mignonette lettuce with vinaigrette dressing

  • Pasta salad

  • Crusty fresh bread

After dinner is finished then the dancing begins again, the bride & groom have a chance to mingle and enjoy the company of their guests.

SPEECHES At Megalong  its unconventional- some have the speeches as soon as they sit down, It is optional for guests to have champagne-



Then its time for desserts and speeches plus toasts. Suggested dessert can be apple strudel and cream or a fruit platter. Try to keep it simple. Its all about you and the most important thing is to have lots of fun.



Then the bridal walk takes place with more dancing.

Tea and coffee is now  available plus a slice of the bridal cake.



Once all the festivities have been completed its time to throw the garter and the bouquet and then the bride and groom bid every one farewell.



Some couples choose to come back in the morning for a ‘Wedding Breakfast” - Champagne and orange juice alfresco style under willows with their guests.



The hall is set up to reflect a typical Australian function. The walls  can be fitted with freshly cut gum trees.



Suggestions for the tables are set with dark green  or white table cloths, natural flower centre pieces with rustic wood, hessian runners baskets and table lanterns 



We have an ivory table skirt, which is fitted with white cotton overlay which suits most brides needs and natural flowers and silver candle holders.

The bridal table is set up on the stage with the band alongside to the right. This then allows maximum area for the dance floor and for staff to serve the bridal table.

Its always up to the bride to choose exactly what she want, we simply offer suggestions.



We serve the appetizers out under the willow trees and this includes dips and pate’s, cheeses, crackers and suggest sherry or punch or champagne and orange juice.



It is suggested that the bridal party book accommodation early.

The rooms at the Guesthouse all have an ensuited bathroom with  double bed with either 1 or 4 single beds.



We don’t provide any child minding services most staff are pre- occupied with preparation for the event so it is recommended you contact the child minding services for this period if needed.



The best thing about a wedding here is the music tends to really get people together and have fun. Our bands like to get you up early and mingle and the traditional “bush dance’ gets all the “old folks” up early to enjoy the wedding  festivities. This lets all the relatives say -”Hi,  haven’t seen you since you were little”- then later on in the evening the more modern music gets the younger ones up and going. It’s lots of rollicking and heel tapping fun.



The best wedding over been to.-”.

Cant believe we had so much fun at a wedding’  

“The caters  were so wonderful  -we had to give them a round of applause’.


Food. Options are shown below for menu details - discuss your food needs with our event coordinator.

Beverages. Please discuss with Event Coordinator.  We are a licensed venue - so  no BYO

Other matters to consider:

Tables.  We will provide a white cloth, chair and a vase of garden flowers for the signing table

Flowers.  The tables are usually set with  a simple and rustic centre piece.  Should you wish flowers, please advise to select from our event hire packages.

Confetti.  Lavender flowers, rice and/or rose petals are most welcome

Music.  We have a comprehensive list of musicians in the region. You are welcome to arrange your own music, but  Megalong Farm reserves the right to restrict the type and style of music played in the interest of neighbouring residents. Music must conclude at 11pm. Please be aware that access to the property for the set up and removal of equipment may be restricted on certain days. Simply call ahead to confirm arrangements - at least 24 hours notice is required.

Photographers. We have a list of photographers who know the venue and can provide the best results

Celebrants. A number of local celebrants have provided their services

Accommodation. Megalong Valley Farm 's  accommodation is located in the Guesthouse, while there also is a Budget Lodge and Camping  area.


Summary of Costs starting from   January 1st  2015


Ø   Bar Waiters $180 each

Ø   Bush Band from $200 per member

Ø   Alcohol  ranges from $20 pp to $45 pp. There is a very comprehensive yet reasonably priced wine list to choose from

Ø   Accommodation $190 dbl  for Bed and Breakfast

Please check for any changes.

Lunchtime  Wedding

Carriage Room   

LUNCH    Minimum 40 guests



•        Grainfed Beef Steak   

•        Gourmet Sausages


Main Course served with Seasonal Vegetables and Salad

•        Hot Baby potatoes in butter sauce,

•        Seafood Pasta salad, 

•        Red cabbage salad

•        Romaine tomatoes in an onion and herb dressing,

•        Greek Salad - Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Olives, Feta,

•        Beetroot Wedges with sour cream and herb dressing



•        Warm Apple Pie with a dollop of Cinnamon Cream

•        Ice Cream with Fruit Coulis

Evening  Wedding

Carriage Room

DINNER   Minimum  60 guests



Selection of  Dips, Pate Cheeses, Olives, Bread and Crackers  


Please choose one from each course


ENTREE  Please choose one:

  • Choice of soup:

  • Butternut Pumpkin and Sweet Potato, Fresh Tomato and Basil, Spring Vegetable

MAIN COURSE  choice of meats:

•        Chicken Breast with a Mustard Cream Sauce

•        Traditional Pork Roast served with Crackling and Apple Relish

•        Roast Grainfed Beef Fillet with fresh herbs, garlic and Red Wine Jus

•        Marinated Lamb with a Mint and Redcurrant Sauce


All Main Courses served with the following Seasonal Vegetables and Salad

•        Hot Baby potatoes rolled in country butter sauce

•        Seafood Pasta salad

•        Red and  white cabbage salad

•        Romaine tomatoes in an onion and herb dressing

•        Green Beans with Toasted Pine Nuts

•        Mignonette lettuce with vinaigrette dressing

•        Greek Salad - Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Olives, Feta,

•        Beetroot Wedges with a sour cream and fresh herb dressing


DESSERT  Please choose one:

•        Warm Sticky Date and Fig pudding with hot old English toffee        sauce and Cream

•        Warm Apple Pie with a dollop of Cinnamon Cream

•        Ice Cream with Fruit Coulis


Coffee and Tea  is available throughout your reception

All our menus include the option of vegetarian meals.

Special  children's  meals are available  but it is advisable to pre- arrange these meals.


Wedding cakes are available.

Please call our consultants for details.

Bar Packages with Bartenders are also available.


Valid From 1/01/2014 till 31/12/2014



Our Bar staff are trained to provide you with professional, courteous service and are available to serve from either a bar table or tray.  Minimum hire for Bar Staff is 4 hours


Alcohol Guide

Careful planning  is the most cost effective approach and could save  you hundreds of dollars if you are planning to offer guests an open bar. 


Points to consider.

  • How long the event will last,  the earlier the function, the great amount of alcohol has to be purchased

  • How many guests

  • What is the age of the guests, a younger group tends to consume more  then older guests.

  • The time of the ceremony and how long before dinner.

Pre Dinner Drinks served with  Appetizers    

Predinner drinks consisting of a selection of:

Selected Red and White Wines, Champagne,  Ciders,  full & light strength Beers, fresh Orange Juice, Soft drinks & Port plus Tea & Coffee.

Plus a selection of  Dips, Pate Cheeses, Olives, Bread and Crackers to be served over a period of one hour.

Four Hours Beverage  Package
4 hours Continuous Beverage Package with Dinner consisting of  Selected Red and White Wines, Champagne,  beers and soft drink. and selection of Non-Alcoholic  Table Wines, Cocktails  &  Sparkling Wines - Ciders and water.


The  costs per head  is as follows:

Cask Wine/Beer/ Soft Drink/Juice   from $15.00 pp

Red/White Bottled Wine  Beer, Soft Drink/ Juice  from $20.00 pp

The inclusion of Champagne will range from  $5.00 pp 

A full range of spirits and mixed drinks may also be available  for the duration of your function at bar prices together with a selection of Non-Alcoholic  Table Wines, Cocktails  &  Sparkling Wines - Ciders, Fresh Orange Juice and Soft Drinks. 


  • Brut NV

  • Chardonnay

  • Sauvignon Blanc

  • Shiraz Cabernet

  • Merlot

  • Tooheys New

  • Hahn Premium Light

  • Regional Ciders

  • Soft drinks & Juice:,Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Lemon Squash,
    Sprite Lemonade, Soda / Mineral Water, Fresh Orange Juice

* Please choose from the above selections of red and white wines. One bottle of white wine and one bottle of red wine from one package, for the duration of the function
* Our license prohibits us from serving alcohol after  11am
* We are governed by “responsible service of alcohol” therefore we reserve the right to cease or suspend service & supply of alcoholic beverages should we feel that guests have become excessively inebriated

* Prices are subject to availability and may change without notice
Coffee and Tea is available throughout  your function.

Terms and Conditions:

Booking and confirmation:

To confirm your booking we require a written confirmation and a deposit of 10% of the  cost.


We share your disappointment should you be unable to proceed with your event.

Full payment will be required for cancellations made within 7 days of your event based on the minimum numbers quoted. Cancellation within 14 to 8 days of your event will incur a 50% cancellation fee based on the minimum numbers quoted. Any cancellations made 15–60 days from the event date will forfeit the deposit amount. Cancellation made more than 61 days from the event will receive a refund of the deposit less a $220.00 administration fee.

Guest Numbers :

Numbers should be advised at the time of finalizing menu and wine choices.

This is required 4 weeks prior to the function.

Charges will be made for the number of guests confirmed 14 days   prior to the function.

The maximum number which can be accommodated for sit-down dinners is 120.

Minimum for Function Hall  is 60 people.

For weddings in the Function Hall a maximum of 120 is recommended, including the bridal party.

Final numbers and payment:

An estimate of expected guest numbers is required at the initial time of reservation.
A guaranteed minimum number of guests is required 14 days prior to your event.
This will form the basis of your account, and full payment is required at this time.

Payment methods available are cash, bank cheque or credit card

The  definite numbers of guests should be given and paid for one week prior.

Payment will include reception and initial liquor cost, any additional bar purchases may be paid on the Day.

Payment may be made in the way of cash  or  credit  card.

Changed circumstances or events:

Megalong Valley Farm will not be responsible for any costs or compensation due to changed circumstances affecting the venue or cancellation of your booking (e.g. public events, natural disasters or weather).

Setup and rehearsal:

We are pleased to facilitate a wedding rehearsal, and setup.
However, the time required for this must be coordinated with our normal farm activity. Please phone us 48 hours ahead.


As the client you are responsible for any loss or damage sustained as a result of your event that is considered by management as being beyond normal wear and tear. The client is also responsible for any damage sustained as a result of outside contractors or agents engaged for the purpose of your event before, during and after it.

Responsible serving of alcohol:

Staff at Megalong Valley Farm reserve the right to stop serving alcohol to guests that appear intoxicated, without notice to the client.

Loss of property:

Megalong Valley Farm  and its employees, contractors or agents will not accept any responsibility for the damage or loss of property left on the premises prior, during or after the event. This responsibility lies solely with the client.

Client responsibility:

As the client it is your responsibility to inform all relevant persons involved in the event of the above terms and conditions and their meaning.


Prices quoted are valid until 31 December 2010. Pricing for your event will be confirmed at the time of enquiry and provided in writing. Surcharges may be imposed on public holidays, special events and days of closure.


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993 Megalong Rd,  Megalong Valley

Blue Mountains NSW 2785,

Phone (02) 4787 8188

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