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One hour Wilderness Ride


Valley View 1.5 hour Ride $90

Two Hour Ridge Ride


Three Hour Boundary  Ride     $165

Coxs River Ride 4 hour



Full Day Ride inc Lunch


One Hour Ride and Lunch


Two Hour ride and Lunch



Three Hour Ride and Lunch


One Hour Horse Ride and Private Picnic $250 (for two)

One Hour Ride and Gazebo Private Picnic $295 (for two)


One Hour Ride and GlampTent Private Picnic $425 ( for two)


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Conditions and Cancellation Policy on the Voucher  

  1. If you cancel or terminate your booking earlier than expected for whatever reason and intend to reschedule to another date,  we will require a cancellation fee subject to the following.

  2. For experiences cancelled prior to date as indicated by booking  your experience will be forfeited, if  inadequate notice has been given

  3. Cancellation /Amendment Fees. The Company reserves the right to charge $50 amendment fees per person to cover our administration expenses and cancellation fees which can be up to 100%.


Conditions and

Cancellation Policy

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“But first ...can I go?”

We have put guidelines into place to protect horses from riders who would be deemed overweight. Based on studies, it is recommend that horses not be loaded with greater than 20% of their body weight.

NB: The ability to carry weight does not increase with the horses height. Tall horses in fact often have weaker backs than shorter ones. Ponies often have the strongest backs of all.

Larger riders restrictions -

  • For animal comfort and riders safety reasons,  we enforce a rider weight limit of 100kgs as we need to have the equipment and horses to meet your needs.

  • Please be advised that this limit may also  be subject to variation on a daily basis according to the availability of a suitable horse.

  • Our ability to take guests who are between 95 and 105 kilos on rides longer than an hour are subject to  strict conditions and availability of appropriate horses to ensure the safety of our guests and horses.

    “What if I am over 100kgs ?”
    To ensure the safety of you and the horse, you will be limited to the 1 hour trail ride.

NOTE:  Please ensure that correct weights are given for all riders at the time of booking. Refunds will not be given where a customer exceeds these weight limits. (If you have incorrectly advised us of your weight, and we are unable to allow you to ride on the day, sorry no refund will be given.)



Cider Sampler Tasting Ride $100

Getaway 1night 2hr ride with Wine Experience

Getaway 1 night with 3 hour ride $260

GlampCamp Getaway $395

Open Value

Getaway 2 night with 2 hours riding $325

Getaway 1 night with 2 Hour Ride $245

Bed plus Breakfast (Continental) $95

Bed plus Breakfast (Hot Country Styled)$125