A Blue Mountains Boho Wedding

Holding an event at  Megalong allows you to drift back to when life was more relaxed and uncluttered. 

Our wedding and events is set in a very special part of the Blue Mountains in the heart of the Megalong Valley.  

We specialize in weekend weddings - an affair that the whole family  and your friends gets to enjoy this very special event. 

Tons of colour abound for the seriously frivolous bride.


 Or for a more traditional  event...

there is plenty of scope to be adventurous


Bohemian,  Rustic   or  Vintage

The Blue Mountains is synonymous with the grand opulent era.   

Back in the twenties,  it had a plethora of grand guesthouses. 

We are fortunate to have had an opportunity to have access to a lifetime of collections that reflect the sumptuousness of that era.   There is an extensive collection of artifacts to theme your event regardless of a simple or lavish style.



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CIDER BARN sets the theme for for the unusual.